ASIS Chapter 104
Meet  Kevin Pedersen:

Kevin has been a member of ASIS since 1995. He served as Chairman of
our chapter in 2000. He was on the executive board 2003 – 2005, served
as Vice-Chairman in 2006, and is currently on the executive board. Kevin
has also served on the LEA Banquet committee during those years. A
fervent supporter of ASIS, Kevin is board certified as a Certified Protection
Professional. He attended the ASIS Access Control programs I, II, and III,
as well as Physical Security I. He has attended three of the Leadership
conferences in Orlando as well the ASIS Trade Show and Conference for
the last decade.   

Kevin is one of the chapter’s leading experts in Access Controls,
specializing in perimeter security. Having been an Architecture major at the
University of Texas at Arlington, and switching to the Landscape program
in his senior year, he has a unique perspective in regard to perimeter
security. He owned a landscape, fence and irrigation business in Dallas
for 17 years. The business expanded into the field of access controls the
last few years of his ownership. Combining natural features and
landscaping with gate operators and fencing spurred his interest in the
new technologies.

Kevin sold his business in Dallas and relocated to Ft. Lauderdale in 1994.
He opened up Automatic Gate Equipment and Supply that year as a new
branch for a Dallas Co. with the same name. After 8 years there, he took a
position with Master Halco Access Controls as the Florida Sales
Representative. His current position is the Miami Access Control Sales
Representative covering South Florida, the Caribbean, Central and South
America. With a combined 30 years addressing perimeter security issues,
Kevin has established himself as an expert in the field. Some of his
accomplishments in the access control industry include systems for ports,
airports, water treatment, prisons, police departments, and many high
profile businesses.

Kevin is currently the president of Pedersen PSC specializing in perimeter

Pedersen PSC, Inc.

7027 W. Broward Boulevard
Suite #267
Plantation, FL 33317