ASIS Chapter 104
Greetings from our Chair:

Dear ASIS International Chapter 104 Members,

Just want to take a moment of your time to say hope you are
looking back at 2015 with satisfaction and forward to 2016
with anticipation.  I also want to introduce the Chapter 104
Executive Board to you and ask you for your support as we
embark on another new year.     

The Executive Board was sworn in during our 2015
Christmas celebration on December 10, 2015.  I am grateful
for the team we have assembled and look forward to
working closely together with them.  They are:

Barbara Gabner, Chairperson
Gary Perlowin, Vice Chairperson
Bob Wilkins, Secretary
Kim Bowling, Treasurer
Rosa Ordonez-Parodi, Law Enforcement Liaison
Paul Dufresne, Web Master, Trustee, one year term, 2016
Kevin Pedersen, Trustee, three year term, 2015-2018
Gary Reisss, Trustee, two year term, 2015-2017
Ralph Page, Trustee, one year term, 2016  
Charlie Kaplan, Trustee, one year term, 2016

Additionally, Tom Bendekovic represents the Chapter as
our Assistant Regional Vice President and Al Perotti, Jr. is
our Regional Vice President.

Our executive team is already discussing ideas for 2016
activities.  You will be receiving an email in the near future
soliciting your input.

This year it is my hope that we can come together as a
group and share our time, talent or treasure to generate a
positive and beneficial impact within our Chapter and
throughout our Broward County community.  Rest assured,
I will continue to reach out to all of you and look forward to
hearing all of your great ideas and suggestions.

     May 2016 be a year of many blessings for all of us.


Barbara Gabner, CPP
ASIS International Chapter 104
(954)  232-0739  
Barbara Gabner